Samsung LCD picture settings

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Samsung LCD picture settings

Post by Digital_Guru on Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:33 pm

Samsung LCD Settings

To access picture settings: Menu>right arrow this will take you straight into picture settings

Mode: standard
Contrast 80
Brightness 50
Colour 50
Sharpness 10
Digital NR off
Movie Pluss off

Points on settings:
1. Contrast/brightness: Make sure the contrast is always higher than brightness and make them about 30 in-between them you tend to adjust these when the picture seems cloudy.

2. Sharpness: Most people tend to make the sharpness high thinking the more you put it up the sharper it will be, this isnít the case. it works the opposite way. Make the sharpness as low as possible without making it look blurry. The way to understand this setting is the closer you are to the set the lower you put it.

3. Movie Plus is not the best option on Samsungs as it will make the picture start and stop now and again depending on the scene with dragging so just turn this option off. If you change picture settings other then this will always default to on even though the option is off as there was a problem with a firmware version (donít ask which one) but if you have the start stop affect just turn it back off.
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