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Tiscali TV info

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:04 pm

How does Tiscali TV work?

Broadcast channels are delivered to you home either by your aerial or your phone line. On-demand TV and movies are delivered to your home from the Tiscali central server your existing phone line to your television set, so that they can be watched at any time to suit you.

You can pause, fast forward and rewind the on-demand programmes like you would a video or DVD. Order what you want via a remote control and the selection is instantly viewable.

Do I have to pay every time I watch programme on-demand?
Many of there on-demand programmes are free to watch, anytime you choose. Those, such as some of the 4OD on demand programmes, that are pay-per-view, will be indicated on your TV screen.

Can I store programmes on there set top box?
Yes you can store up to 50 hours of content with Tiscali our digital TV recorder, Tiscali is available when you first sign up or as an upgrade from the My Acount Area.

Can I record on-demand or other programmes on Tiscali?
They are required to apply copyright protection to movies and music videos, but you can record the other content as normal.

Can I replay my favourite programmes if I miss them?
With Tiscali TV digital television, you can see top shows on BBC and Channel 4 up to seven days after they were first shown - so you won't have to worry about missing them. This is the UK's first digital television replay service of its kind.

Can I have Tiscali TV on more than one TV?
If you have a second line you can pay for a second Tiscali TV service. The Tiscali TV set top box however have 2 SCART sockets. The second one is designed for your VCR or DVD recorder, but you can connect this to a second television. You will only be able to watch the same programme on both televisions.

What is cable television?
Cable TV is the popular way of describing Community Antenna Television (CATV). Rather than delivering a signal to your house through an aerial or satellite dish, cable television uses a fibre optic cable, so no aerial is necessary.

What is Tiscali ?
Tiscali is Tiscali’s digital video recorder, with Tiscali you can record up to 50 hours of programmes, these will be stored on your set top box ready for you to watch them whenever you want

With Tiscali you can:

• Record at the click of a button
• Record two programmes whilst watching a third, or even record three programmes whilst watching one of them
• Pause and rewind live TV
• Set up your own recording library

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