Whats the forum all about

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Whats the forum all about

Post by Bossman on Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:17 pm

Here on "The S&S Show" you can ask advice on all kinds of modern technological domestic equipment.
Ranging from something as small as a Set top box to a 60" LCD Flat Panel TV to old and new PC's, Laptops and even game consoles.
You will find an abundant amount of technically minded people to offer advice and help with just about anything.
If you find a solution to a problem you can even post that here to hopefully help others.

Please NO posts about illegal activities such as pirating or chipped whatever!

There are even some fun forums such as "The Loonybin"
So please become a member and start asking your questions and start solving your problems.
But overall have fun.

Please, add the link for this forum to every thing, Facebook, MSN, Friends Reunited, text messages and email signatures. We as the Admin team, want this forum to work. Please join us by helping us out in making it a success. Remember this fourm is for you.

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