Types of TV: Analog vs. digital vs. HDTV

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Types of TV: Analog vs. digital vs. HDTV

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:15 pm

Here are the basic types of televisions currently available:

  • Analog:
    An analog TV cannot display progressive-scan DVD or HDTV. It can show
    only standard-definition programs such as those found on regular TV,
    cable, or satellite–including digital cable and DirecTV or Dish Network.

  • Digital: A digital television, sometimes called a DTV, can also display progressive-scan DVD and almost always HDTV.

  • EDTV:
    This stands for Enhanced-Definition TV, and usually it describes a
    television that can display HDTV signals but doesn’t have enough
    resolution to really do them justice. Most often it applies to plasma
    TVs and denotes 852×480 pixels.

  • HDTV:
    High-definition televisions, or HDTVs, can display standard TV,
    progressive-scan DVD, and HDTV signals. They’re by far the most common
    type of digital television.

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