4 features that enhance TV picture quality

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4 features that enhance TV picture quality

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:19 pm

Normal analog TVs, as opposed to digital TVs, have just a few factors
that affect picture quality. When shopping for a TV, look for these
features or characteristics and disregard other features that sound
good on the surface but in reality are just marketing ploys.

  • Comb filter.
    If a television does not have a comb filter, its resolution will be
    limited to about half the full potential of DVD. Most sets with comb
    filters can provide all of the resolution of DVD. The types of comb
    filters youíll see advertised, in order of lower to higher quality,
    include two-line, three-line, digital, and 3D YC varieties. They
    provide incremental improvements in performance, especially in reducing
    rainbows that can appear in fine detail, such as a talking headís suit
    coat. Comb filters affect only composite-video or RF connections.

  • Color-temperature settings.
    Many televisions have presets for color temperature, which is basically
    the color of gray. A neutral gray is ideal, but most TVs have an
    extremely blue gray to make the picture brighter in the store. TVs with
    color-emperature presets allow you to choose the color of gray;
    generally, youíll want the reddest or lowest setting available.

  • Color decoder.
    Most TVsí color decoders are set to be too red to counteract the blue
    color temperature described above. TV makers donít advertise accurate
    color decoders, so youíll have to judge for yourself or trust a
    reviewer. In the store, look for pale skin tones that donít appear too
    flushed and reds that donít bleed into other colors or otherwise seem
    more intense than the rest of the palette.

  • Geometry and convergence. Most
    TVs get bumped around in shipping, so it pays to check convergence
    before you take yours homeóor at least before the warranty expires.
    Look toward the edges of the screen, preferably with graphics or other
    straight lines (CNNís crawling ticker works great), and see if the
    lines are actually straight. To check convergence, look at the corners
    with white material, preferably lines again, and see if faint halos of
    color surround the whiteóideally they shouldnít.

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